I promised my daughter / after repeated requests / that today would be an IKEA day / and we'd get the finishing touches for her room / before she enlists. / My baby is rebelling against vibrant colors / in favor of a more romantic palette. / As for myself / I was delighted to find / the Edholm & Ullenius tray / I'd seen it at friend's houses / and had wanted so badly / was back in stock. /


  1. Ikea is my nightmare, can't get it,how people may enjoy this experience.
    Just few days ago, we had to go there to find a solution to the huge new TV Ehud treated himself with,it is such a junk and not necessarily cheap for what you got:) anyway we finally found a fool wood bench, so we took it- I then rested for two days:)

  2. מוחה בתוקף !!!!אין על איקאה - גם יפה גם פרקטי וגם זול
    בעניין הצבע ....טליה ת האם יש כשל מערכתי....אני מודה שאני עם בתך
    איזה סט מצעים מדהים - היא לקחה אותו? וכמעט שכחתי מה קורה עם הכלב- יש או אין?

  3. On dirait le printemps qui arrive avec ces fleurs. Très joli

  4. And I agree with Joy too. Spring is definitely early this year. Even the famous Washington DC cherry trees (that I'm so bored hearing about) are starting to blossom, which they don't usually do till April. It really does feel like spring.