I've been so exhausted recently / that I decided to rest today. / In between falling asleep periodically / I started a new book / which so far is pretty depressing. / Later on I made effort / I dragged myself out of bed / and went to see a movie with Orit. / This didn't do much to improve my accumulated gloomy feeling either. /


  1. There's days like that, it feels like you are on a cloud/fog, hope you'll find your way out as soon as possible

  2. If you're already feeling low, rule #1 is: Don't read books titled "And the Hippos Were Boiled in Their Tanks", no matter how good anyone told you it is. Try Salman Rushdie's "Luka and the Fire of Life" it's a sequel to "Harun and the Sea of Stories", both are categorized as "children's books", but don't let that stop you. I loved them, and they've been translated to Hebrew.