Two weeks ago / Tali sent me an evite / to origami artist Paul Jackson's lecture / on folding techniques / followed by a premiere screening / of Vanessa Gould's documentary / "Between the Folds". / After which Tali said: / now everything I see / seems folded. /


  1. Tatoushinka,
    I am of course fascinated by the structural qualities of folded materials, how for instance a sheet of paper folded a certain way can carry quite a heavy load, much heavier than the weight of the paper itself. But the esthetic aspects of the folding techniques open up a world of possibilities . You'll have to show me more about it if we get around to it ! Love P

  2. I'm ordering the bag and the shoes, I'm not picky about the :"when and how it will be deliver to me" no rush as long as it will be ....deliver