The unexpected SMS I received from my son / asking about our visit to his sister / should have alerted me. / Usually / when he is away / I don't hear from him at all / and if he happens to answer a call / he'll say: / I can't talk / and hang up. / Turns out he's running a high fever. / He's on his way home from camp. / Roni will pick him up / at the entrance to Tel Aviv / around midnight. / ♥    ♥ /

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  1. אוי אוי מסכן ...איזו אכזבה בשבילו ,אחרי כל ההכנות וההתרגשות ...תפנקי אותו!
    ולחשוב שכל הדאגה היתה ליובל....
    לפחות שיובל ימשיך להנות