May beautiful and different / define the New Year / that starts today. /
Shanah Tova! /


  1. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your family, too!

  2. These black and red newspaper headlines are so sad. Used to be the Rosh HaShanah newspaper headlines were blue and white, remember? Big, fat, blue and white holiday newspapers with wonderful magazine articles to last the whole long holiday weekend. No wonder you're feeling low.

    I don't get it though, what has changed to make it so? Why is this Rosh HaShanah different? Everything is the almost the same as it's always been; Iran, El Qaida, Khamas, Hizballah, Arabs rioting in Europe.... no different from previous years. So why is everyone feeling so threatened suddenly?

    Personally, you know I think it's all only our opportunist PM Netanyahu's pre-election propaganda, so when whatever is going to happen, happens, he can put a: "told you so, told you so" slogan on his campaign banners. Obama asked Netanyahu to lower his Iran rhetoric, and stop trying to influence the American elections. And Netanyahu, true to his opportunist nature,not only ignored Obama, he went and solicited interviews on the major American TV channels, making the world even angrier and more chaotic than it already was. That's all that happened. It'll calm down after the American elections in November.

    Sweetie, whatever is going to happen is going to happen, we're not alone, we've been through worse, and we're well prepared. All this noise is only saber rattling, it may come to something and it may not. So please, please Cheer up, throw the newspapers out and don't listen to or watch the news for a day or two, be with your family, read, crochet, eat, drink and be happy for a bit.

  3. See Julie, first time in twenty years that Talia decided to read the news, she just does't know how to handle it, I told her, either you're a Junkie of news like me, every thirty minutes or so or you don't, but all of sudden to try and see if you can handle it....this is risky, see how she is now:)