Once again our dishwasher broke down / if not for the guaranty / I'd have bought a new one. / The representative / after a phone diagnosis / infuriatingly informed the usual: / "A technician will come between 8 and 12 / you'll be notified half an hour before he arrives." / "Do you have a towel to protect the tiles?" / Hayim the technician / asked me / as he turned the dishwasher over / and opened it up. / He replaced the command card / and left me with a mess. /
Roni usually does the grocery shopping / but because I was housebound waiting for the technician / I popped over to the local store / and bought green vegetables for a soup / appropriate for the return of wintery weather. /


  1. הידד למרק !!!! איזה יופי של תמונות...לא של הטכנאי ..של הירקות...הנה את מתחילה להסניף את המושב....הכנה לביקור אצלי???יש לי ליד הבית שדה תותים ענק...איזה ריח נפל כל בוקר

  2. From Mary Jo: If you see your friend Talia, please let her know how much I am
    enjoying her daily blog! And what a darling new puppy!