Finally / I've finished / Rina Frank Mitrani's book / "Giraffes Can't Fly" / recommended by a student of mine / who said I had to read it / as I personally know the two main characters in the book. / I did not enjoy it / at all / but I have this habit / out of respect for the author / of reading / any book I start / to its end. / I love reading / a stack of books waits beside my bed. / I envy people who can browse / peep at the end / or quit reading a book half way. /


  1. טוב.. למרות שציפיתי למשו אחר..ככה על הסקאלה שבין סגלגל לפוקסיה...((-:...ובכל זאת את תמיד תיהיי עבורי זו שפתחה לי מחדש את הצ'אקרה של אהבת הקריאה.
    לכי על פונטנלה מותק!!!


  2. Wonderful...
    Just waiting for the good recommendations...

  3. I think you got to the age that you can skip bad books and movies..
    If it is bad just leave it and go on to the good ones...
    Me again

  4. All it takes darling, is just to definitely close the book where ever it is, and instead of respect to the author, respect to your own precious time:)
    Took me some time to get use to, but once you know how to do it, trust me it turn to be very easy....
    Love you sister, you're talented!

  5. u do not have to finish every book u begin. it is not a must. 0nce i read a 1000 pages book, and i quit on page 900..... and it still stands by my bed to remind me how bad it was.

    p.s. congratulations on your new blog

  6. מזל טוב בייבי! הנה גם אני כאן :)
    וואו פונטנלה לקח לי שנים... ככה בדיוק זה ישב לי ליד המיטה :))
    נשיקות ונתראה בשלישי

  7. Well well, the kid has grown up to create her own blog. congratulations. I feel the same about finishing a book you decided to read, and if you fail to choose it might be a tiring mission to accomplish. I urge you to read "fontanella" though and all the rest by Meir Shalev. have fun